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20 years of therapy in one day without saying a word!

Breathwork is the new yoga; it's meditation for people who don't like to meditate, the overthinkers and impatient ones who don't want to wait for results. There is a breathwork revolution on the rise, and everything you need to know about breathwork is in this book!

What they're saying...

Absolutely breath awakening!! An amazing guide in understanding how and why the breath is so important and why the daily practice of breathwork will change your life(mind,body,soul)!! Been doing breathwork now for several weeks and has been the most life changing profound experience! INVEST IN YOURSELF! Thank you Manfromthestars!


For anyone who is looking for alternatives to the traditional institutional medical approach to health. This book expresses things I’ve always known intuitively & has connected a lot of dots for me.

Perla Moreno